John DeYoung

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it was good to see you at the PHS 50th reunion. i'm so impressed with your website/career in music. i'm sure there are so many others we've known who've also traveled interesting paths. but you can't know about all of them. yet, it's still to know that they are out there !
Very cool, John!
Hey it looks like you need a percussionist from the look of some of those photos. I free for the rest of my life!
The Americans boy that just slipped right out of my memory. So glad to find you my friendly past. You know brothers in music at least for me are brother forever.
A very nice update & I look forward to hearing you play and debut your new guitar on Sunday the 22nd at the art gallery grand opening!
John Mc gonigle cousin !!! its been a long time ago.....I don't play just listen to good music
Love this new 2013 site upgrade and your new tunes too. Nice to see you, your site and your music keep growing and glowing! Namaste
Love your site, John. It is a worthy landing spot for your amazing music.
Great write-up by Tamara from the Independent dad! So glad I got the privilege of seeing Johnny in action! She hit it spot on and this line says it all: "He is a charming performer with a strong stage presence and an enchanting voice." Well done! Good luck in Canada!
Great Site John.
John thank you for your wonderful emails and updates on your news and your new address. Could I get your email address again and your new address so we can keep in touch again. Steve would love to catch up too. Our computer had a problem and we lost your email with your news and address. Your site is amazing & beautiful. Our love to you and your family. Have a great weekend:):) Love,Raedeane (My email address is
Great site John.......Love the music and the bio is impressive.
wonderful site and your music is awesome... love "The Flow"!
Good Evening John:) Your web site is just beautiful and your music is so inspiring and great music!~ Steve my husband played Bass for you some years ago know we would love so much to stay in touch. Our love & hugs to you:) Steve & Raedeane Bringelson
Awesome site! Fabulous music. Well done John. Dana
Great new site John...Bravo!! Listening right now to your song 'A Little Compassion' and loving it. :) I am so glad to have crossed paths with you back when. You are a wonderful, talented and kind soul. Many Blessings on Your Journey Always...
Great to see you make a new path. All our best for the move.
Congratulations, maybe we will finaly see you in New Mexico, we do pass thru each year on our way to MInn. Thanks for keeping in touch Rod and Linda
Wonderful music, an amazing music man, and an awesome website. Really fast and beautiful. We are so happy for you and LM. Love you! Holly
Congrats on all accounts, John! Nice sight & nice move! Hope we all can get together between now and M-Day!
looks great dad! love the site! love you!
well done john but I would expect nothing less....Hopefully Ellie and I will be in Ventura this summer to beat the heat and would love to get together
Hey John, Your new web site looks good! You are a good man! Best, Aaron Wolfson
very good, we are all in the move stage it seems. Great shot of you
nice job john...good stuff
Love the EYES on the main page! Very cool! Will enjoy the background music as I play on the computer! :) Have fun with your website John. It looks great!
Wow, I really like the new site, John. It's fast and loaded with cool content. Great job!