John DeYoung

Live For Life

John DeYoung
Written by John DeYoung


This is a song I wrote years ago but never recorded.  Over the years I changed some of the lyrics and added parts here and there.  I always wanted to record it but it sat on the back shelf, occasionally bringing it out to play with.  I finally got around to recording it in 2012 in my Tijeras studio and Brian Boggs played the harmonica part...Thanks Brian!  All other parts by John DeYoung.


Live For Life


Live for life, not so long lasting

Time is short, take time for basking

You and me, we make what have we

Imprisoned or free, time is passing

Live for the moment, live for today


Some live only minutes, some live for hours

Some live long lifetimes, some live for power

No one is immortal, no special favors

Live life in loving and peaceful endeavors

Live for the moment, live for today



Copyright John DeYoung 1980