John DeYoung

Night Song

John DeYoung / Amanda Landis, vocal
John DeYoung


This song is the theme song for the play "Night Song for the Boatman" by Jovanka Bach. Directed by John Stark, it will run at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles and at the Barrow Theatre in New York in the fall of 2010. John DeYoung wrote the song for the play and recorded & played all the instrumental parts. The vocal is by Amanda Landis who is playing the lead female character in the production.


Night Song

Where are you going, why do you have to leave

I just got to know you, won't you tell me please

Sweet childhood memories, drift on the evening breeze

Come to me in my dreams

Come to set us free

School days and puppet shows

Long walks and ice cream cones

Linger in my mind

A fantasy life turned real

A dream that we both could feel

Now you're going away

The boatman awaits you there

Waits to collect his fare, and take you far away

A cruel twist of destiny

The boatman, my enemy

Must be another way

copyright 2010 John DeYoung