John DeYoung wrote, recorded and played all the parts himself on this album, completed in 1997.  Lots of love songs here.  The album cover is a pencil portrait that Linda-marie Monier (Johns' wife) did of him.  Amazing rendering, don't you think?  Sample & buy the physical CD or download:

John DeYoung: Envisage

This is the 1st Naked Hearts CD.  In 1999 I re-connected with my old friend Chris Smith and we started working on some of my songs in my studio.  Chris purchased some more recording equipment & we began this project.  Soon we had a complete product...This is it.  Sample & buy the physical CD or download:

Naked Hearts: Naked Hearts

Before we had completed all the art work for the 1st CD we were already working on songs for the second one.  My wife, Linda-marie did all the artwork & graphic she has done for all the albums.  Sample & buy the physical CD or download:

Naked Hearts: Goin
John DeYoung: Johnny Canuck Soundtrack
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_ This is the Soundtrack CD from the play "Johnny Canuck" in which John DeYoung plays the part of Johnny Canuck, a Canadian folk singer who comes home after a gig to a "Dear John" note from his wife who has run off with another man, abandoning him and their 13 yr. old daughter. Johnny goes after his wife, Beth and follows her across Canada. Check the calendar on this website for show info. Here is a link to the producers website

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