1. Eyes Wide Open

From the recording Eyes Wide Open

I wrote this song for producer/director, John Stark for his film "Sons Of Freedom", but it turned out to ironically reflect my life changes as I had just moved to New Mexico from California. My old friend & music partner, Bill Jones, came out from Calif. and helped me record it in my Tijeras, N.M. studio. Bill played one of the acoustic guitars and the keyboard part and came up with the key hook lines. Thanks Bill! It wouldn't be the same song without your influence.  All other parts by John DeYoung.


Eyes Wide Open
Board the Train Escape the war
This time have I gone too far
Is what's ahead what's behind
This time what will I find
Ride the rail, chase the stars
What can I lose after all
Don't know what's ahead
But I'm pretty sure I'll find out
Eyes wide open, feelers out
copyright 2010 John DeYoung