Hello everyone! Welcome to the website for John DeYoung. Music for the mind & soul as well as the ears. I am a singer/songwriter/guitar player of songs with creative, poetic lyrics. Enjoy scrolling through the pages and checking out the music. Say hello, sign the guestbook, leave a comment on the blog page, and join the email list....I'd love to hear from you! Be sure to check out the "Music & Lyrics" page too and get your free download of "Dig A Little Deeper". I've played acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar & keyboards as well as vocals with a number of bands over the years....you can read about it in my bio.  

In 2011 & 2012 I performed a one man play called "Johnny Canuck" which played in Albuquerque, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto and I created a soundtrack album of songs from the show.  In August of 2012, my wife, Linda-marie Monier, took an art teaching job in Ojai, Calif. so we lived there for two years and I played music with old friends Chris Smith and Bill Jones in a band called Blind Horse Canyon.  In July, 2014, we moved back to our home in Tijeras New Mexico, and Linda now works at Moriarty High School as a teacher in the gifted program.  I have a very nice, private studio here in Tijeras, and when we returned here I wrote and recorded the soundtrack for an animated film called "The Devil Comes to Misty Pond" starring Paddy The Flat Footed Platypus.  I also traveled to Calif in Sept. and recorded all the actors voice overs, then came back to N.M. and edited it all.  That was a really fun project!  I hope I get to do more projects like that!  

Currently I am recording new original material and will probably create an album in the near future.  I'll continue to post new recordings on the "Music & Lyrics" page here on the website.

Thanks for visiting my site!



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